well, something is going to happen... I kind of feeling it. and as result of crazy thursday and same monday till wednesday, I didn't go to carlyle shift after table talk. just went to sleep... on a couch, without any regret. and it was till 9 with something pm, and as a result here i am at almost 1am, feeling like it's Xmas and i don't need to do anything. Just some girly things - like doing peducure at home (yes, no salon, for a change i can do it myself), applying face mask, which i need to do at least twice a week, and unfortunately sad reality is...once in 2 months. reading fation blogs about wearing statement necklace...yep, I finally got like too many wonderful big necklaces at Loft (planned as gifts for some coworkers but, hell, no, i can't decide which one i'm redy to give away, probably none) last tuesday.. that spenting-all-my-money day when i lost my phone and got it back...
and making myself my favorite tea from traider joe's - yes, it's back because it's winter...Vanilla & Cinamon Black Tea with Lemut on a box. It smells just perfect - like cookie or even better, and tastes like normal tea. So here I am...slowly getting ready for Xmas...changing the colors at my table - instead of green and blue we back to red and faded gold.
So far samsung phone is too convenient that i have no idea how i lived with window phone for so long. and this is another spending...like emotional purchase of headphones for 70$ monsters something... i just need better music when i run or walk...and I'm tiered of tiny-winny apple things inside my ears.
and it's Ville is singing drawn & qwartered - sounds so old and this is perfect... and we are going to see HIM this coming friday - in 7 days.

most of the times i'm lying to myself saying this, but...
and it will be a white Xmas I hope... and

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