I'm very a predictable creature of habit. This is for sure. 100% what is not for sure: is it bad or good?
For example my weekends should be full of noise and works at both jobs. If they are not for some reason, i'm totally lost, confused and have no idea what to do and how to spend them. Thanks to all gods that doesn't happen too often. And no thanks to no one — if that happening — it's some kind of emergency.
For example yesterday, friday, when I had so great plans in mind — finish my Table Talk shift as early as possible, ride my bike to gym and do some cardio and take a shower, ride back home for Carlyle uniform... and they just went totally wrong when the breaks on my bike didn't work on short but rapid downhill to the G2 garage entrance to my apartment.
So...I stopped with the help of my head into the wall... thanks to the guy who was entering the garage the same time, and gave me paper towels... and Kei was at home, and came down very fast, and helped me to stand up.
but i was a mess. well, i'm still...
But never mind, as far as it's only my eyebrow — and probably the scar will not be very noticeable.
But i'm having totally different weekend without any jobs. And no plans, and scary look, which makes me hide from the humanity.
as a result — wasted saturday, with way too long sleep till almost noon, after all blood loss, painkiller pills, and late night watching of olympic games opening. the rest of the day i'm debating — should i go to the emergency room and spend $1000 for nothing, or not? eating apples, baking thanksgiving leftover turkey (it's february now), doing laundry, cleaning my mouse cage, checking internet, and searching for good cheap hotel for our future trip to NYC to HIM concert...
And now it's already after midnight, to be specific — it's already past 1am. So, by looking at the mirror i'm totally sure that Sunday will be without any work or human contacts. so, its better to spend it a little bit more useful...
Number one: waking up earlier than noon and going to gym wearing sunglasses, the purpose of that is not only exercise but mainly the opportunity watching Olympics on big screen.
And I also want to run outside. I miss it. Love my beautiful trail to the tiny bridge. On my right there is Potomac River with Maryland on the horizon. The water is never the same, but it's always beautiful. The sky above is always busy with planes, helicopters, clouds and birds, mostly seagulls and ducks. Sometimes it's smells like ocean. Nowadays it's mostly grey and spotted with some ice, it was cold all last week.
I have to paint a little, cuz my unfinished painting, which is totally ugly (my first oil work ever) is calling me, and it's calling me "lazy ass"...
I want to kill some time (probably 3-5 hours) by playing Sims on the big screen. I didn't do it since loooong time ago.
But I have to read, because "Cloud Atlas" is an incredible book, and even such a lame english speaker as I could truly enjoy reading it.
and I have to go to yoga, because it's Sunday...and I'm a creature of habit, which goes to yoga class every sunday...or at least tries to do it...

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2014-02-09 в 15:52 

Kei Blake
not interested
My lovely creature of habit :pity:


ты слишком близко к китам!!!